PHASE 2 is an American graffiti artist known for his pioneering role in the “bubble letter” style of spray painting. Born Michael Lawrence Marrow on August 2, 1955, in Bronx, NY, he began tagging subway trains during the early 1970s, and later became a founding member of United Graffiti Artists (UGA). As the graffiti culture took off during the late 1970s, the artist involved in himself in spreading the growing hip-hop scene from the Bronx to Manhattan. In the decades that followed, Phase 2 has shown his works in a number of exhibitions dedicated to urban art. The artist died on December 12, 2019 at age 64 in New York City, after suffering from ALS.


PHASE 2 (American, b.1957) was one of the most influential early urban Graffiti artists, most active during the 1970s. PHASE 2 was a pioneer of bubble lettering, which he began utilizing just as Graffiti began catching on as a subway-based art movement. Many other urban subway artists quickly picked up the style and began incorporating it into their own work and adding their own stylistic markers. PHASE 2 continued to experiment with the style, inventing multiple variants on bubble letters. In 1972, PHASE 2 became a founding member of United Graffiti Artists (UGA), and his work has been exhibited in a number of Urban Art exhibitions. He published the International Graffiti Times from 1984 to 1994.


PHASE 2 (American, n.1957) foi um dos primeiros artistas de Graffiti urbano mais influentes e ativo durante os anos 70. PHASE 2 foi um pioneiro das letras em bolha, que ele começou a utilizar assim que o Graffiti começou a se popularizar como um movimento artístico baseado no metro. Muitos outros artistas do metro urbano rapidamente pegaram o estilo e começaram a incorporá-lo em seus próprios trabalhos e adicionar seus próprios marcadores estilísticos. O PHASE 2 continuou a fazer experiências com o estilo, inventando múltiplas variantes nas letras-bolha. Em 1972, PHASE 2 tornou-se membro fundador da United Graffiti Artists (UGA), e seu trabalho foi exibido em várias exposições de Arte Urbana. Ele publicou o International Graffiti Times de 1984 a 1994.

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