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A-One, a pseudonym for Anthony Clark, was a legendary American graffiti artist. Born in 1964 in New York, NY, he began tagging in subway cars during the mid-1970s. Inspired by contemporary Black culture as well as his friend Jean-Michel Basquiat, A-One rose to prominence within the street art and contemporary art scenes.


Anthony “A-One” Clarke (American, 1964–2001) was a legendary New York Graffiti artist. He first started painting at the age of six, and began tagging subway cars in the mid-1970s. Although he studied architecture, he continued to refine his style throughout his career both on the street and through his work on canvas. A-One was a member of the “Tag Master Killers,” a group of artists which included Rammellzee, Toxic, Delta 2, and Kool Koor. He was included in a number of group exhibitions in the United States throughout the 1980s and 1990s, and participated in the 1984 Venice Biennale. His work has also been the subject of numerous solo exhibitions at Galleria Salvatore + Caroline Ala in Milan, Italy; the Piccolo Museum in Lecce, Italy; and Galerie Quintessens, in Utrecht, the Netherlands. A-One died in Paris from complications from a brain hemorrhage at the age of 37.


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